Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Guest Blogger: Mark Tushnet


I'm delighted to announce that Mark Tushnet of Georgetown Law School, who is one of the most prolific and most important constitutional thinkers in the United States today will be guest blogging on Balkinization. Please give him a warm welcome.


Wow! Even forgetting for a moment the fact that my con law text book was written by the man, I cannot welcome enough the opportunity for first hand dialogue with, imho, the sole constitutional scholar properly understanding the new and changing process of what he would call "Constitutional Hardball." (Article forthcoming here)

I have been shocked myself by the continuing and apparent goal of our executive, especially, of late, to attempt an across the board rewriting of our constitutional principles through a political, and not judicial, process. I'm excited for the opportunity for a better understanding of how this process came about, and, quite frankly, how to respond to and avoid its probable ill effects in the decades to come.

Thank you, Professors Balkan and Tushnet.

Glad to see that Balkie found some real work to do and decided to hand off this internet site to somebody who is not so susceptible to charges of gold-bricking.

As a GULC alum, I am happy to see you here Professor.

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