Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Problem With Second Choices


I see that Bush is now running an ad noting that McCain was Kerry's first choice for Vice-President.

The Dems should run an ad noting that Al Gore was the country's first choice for President.


That's a great line, but I think the last thing the Dems need to do is re-open the wounds of Florida. I know that this is something you feel strongly about given your views on "Bush v. Gore." But let's make this campaign about the issues.

Kerry/Edwards should focus on issues that matter most to Americans--the economy for example. As David Brooks put it on CSPAN this weekend, polls show that many Americans feel the country is moving in the wrong direction at home. This is something the Kerry/Edwards ticket should focus on, not the deadlocked 2000 presidential election.

Still, that is a great line. Have you ever thought about running a campaign?

Check out
(McCain on Bush, in his own words!)

Please remember that of all the people choosing Vice-Presidential candidates, only Cheney got his first choice.

This isn't about Florida. This is about how Gore won the popular vote, and yet was still portrayed (after Fox News's lead) as someone working the system as a loser. And remember that it was Bush's team in 2000 which prepared explicitly for losing the Electoral College, but winning the popular vote, planning for 'spontaneous' demonstrations and petitions to electors to reflect the 'popular will' of the American people.

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