Monday, February 09, 2004


Kevin Drum Blows the Lid Off the Bush AWOL Story

Details here.

Drum obtained documents from a FOIA search conducted in 2000 by Bob Fertik. According to Drum, it appears that because Bush stopped going to drills begining in May 1972 and refused to take a physical (why would he do that?) he was grounded and transferred to a unit called ARF. This is essentially a disciplinary action that requires no drills but makes one available for active duty (However, the odds that a Congressman's son would be sent to Vietnam were small at best). Bush didn't, as he suggests, make up his original Texas Guard Unit time in 1973. In fact, other documents Drum has uncovered suggest that there was no actual duty after May 1972.

This story gets increasingly interesting. The question is whether the mainstream media will pick up on it.

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