Thursday, February 26, 2004


Bush: Democrats Lack Agenda

As the Washington Post reports, the President has complained that, unlike him, Democrats do not have a clear plan:

"The man who sits in the Oval Office will set the course on the war on terror and the direction of our economy," Bush said in downtown hotel. "The security and prosperity of America are at stake."

In contrast with those agenda-less Democrats, Bush has been very, very active. In three short years, he has run the economy into the ground, eliminated the existing federal surplus, busted the federal budget, taken the United States into war against a country that lacked the weapons of mass destruction he claimed were present, given enormous tax breaks to his wealthiest contributors, awarded the Vice President's friends large contracts in Iraq without competitive bidding (resulting in substantial war profiteering), stonewalled inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks, detained American citizens in violation of the protections of the Bill of Rights, violated international law and the Geneva Convention, undermined civil liberties and personal privacy, stocked the executive and judicial branches with right wing ideologues, proposed an amending the Constitution to enshrine intolerance and denials of equal rights, and presided over the loss of more than 2.3 million jobs.

A reformer with results, indeed!


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