Saturday, January 31, 2004


Will Dubya Dump Dick?

The Asia Times wants to know, (link via MaxSpeak) and gives reasons why Cheney is in more trouble than most people think.

Dumping Cheney, however, would probably cause more problems for Bush than keeping him, unless Cheney falls victim to a significant scandal, involving, for example, his former company Halliburton, from which he still receives deferred income.

But Bush is a gambler, and he might try a bold move to split the Democratic coalition in half. The boldest of the bold choices? None other than Condi Rice, the National Security Advisor, who would be the first African-American (and only the second woman) on a national ticket. Take that, Democrats!


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Dumping Cheney, echter, zou waarschijnlijk leiden tot meer problemen voor Bush dan houden van hem, tenzij Cheney valt ten prooi aan een significante schandaal, waarbij, bijvoorbeeld, zijn voormalige bedrijf Halliburton, waarvan hij nog steeds ontvangt uitgestelde inkomsten.Lucu Sob
Lucu Sob
Lucu Sob

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