Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Explosion at Yale Law School

I was walking out of the Law School building about a quarter of five in the afternoon with Jim Ryan to get some coffee when we both heard a big explosion from the Yale Law School building. A few minutes later, the entire Yale Law School community was walking down York street. Apparently an explosion occured in Room 120 on the first floor. Several students reported seeing a fireball in the main hallway that connects the various classrooms. Others reported that the wall in the Alumni reading room next to room 120 was destroyed.

The Law School has been cordoned off, and police have surrounded the area. I'm told the FBI has been called in. It's still not clear if this is an accident (an exploding pipe) or a crime scene (a bomb).

As of yet, there are no reports of injuries, but we don't know if anyone was in Room 120 when the explosion occured. This week is part of exam period and I don't know if students were working there.

I'm very worried about my students.

UPDATE: So far there are no reports of injuries, thank goodness. The building is closed off at least through Friday. (Graduation is Monday, but I assume we will move over to the gymnasium, as we have in the past when there's rain). Speculation is running rampant as to the cause of the explosion. We still don't know if it was a bomb or an exploding pipe. At the 6:30pm news conference Mayor DeStefano said he thought it was an "explosive device" (which, I assume, is a fancy name for a bomb). But we really won't know for some time.


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