Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mark Tushnet Interview on the Constitution, the Judiciary, and Elena Kagan

Marvin Ammori

We all know and love Mark Tushnet. Extraordinarily influential scholar. Towering intellect. Amazing teacher. Balkinization blogger. And an extremely nice and generous person.

So I wanted you to know he recently sat for an interview with the law students of Nebraska's American Constitution Society, and the podcast is available here. It's a great interview, especially relevant for law students and scholars, but also for a general audience.

Professor Tushnet discusses how to interpret the constitution, the role of judicial review in explicating and enforcing constitutions, the interaction between politics and the judiciary, his personal and professional thoughts on Elena Kagan, the importance recent president have placed on judicial appointments, and whether judicial experience matters for a Supreme Court nominee.

The national ACS organization also posts its own video and audio podcasts here. Discussions of UNL's podcast series are available here and here.


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