Monday, June 21, 2004

Experimenting With Comments


As faithful readers of this blog know, I've not had a comments section. But the latest version of Blogger allows you to have them, and I'd like to try them for the next few weeks to see how they work and whether readers like having them. Lots of people have been kind enough to send e-mails with their reactions to posts. Now they can publish comments instead. Have fun and play nice.


I really love comments, thanks!

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of community will develop here.

It seems only appropriate that a law professor should have a comments section on his weblog. What could be more in keeping with the Socratic traditions of the contemporary law school classroom?

Hey, I'm glad you got a comments section, especially because when I tried to email you it got kicked back by yahoo.

Great blog!

I also applaud you adding a comments section. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and reading it kept me awake through many a law school class!

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