Saturday, October 11, 2008

Open Thread on Posts on The Future of Sexual and Reproductive Rights


This weekend at Yale Law School we are hosting a conference on The Future of Sexual And Reproductive Rights. Here are the collected posts we've featured here on Balkinization

The Future of Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Posts appearing 9/8-9/12/08

Robert Post, Rough Weather Ahead

Neal Devins, It’s All over but the Shouting: The Increasing Irrelevance of Abortion Politics

Michael J. Klarman, Roe's Backlash

Gene Burns, Abortion, Federalism, and the Curious Case of The Southern Abortion Reform Laws

Posts appearing 9/15-­ 9/19/08

Barry Friedman, The Subterranean World of Abortion Politics

Nada Stotland, The Woman-Protective Strategy as a Campaign of Misinformation

Robin West, Reproductive and Sexual Rights: The Need for a Critical Jurisprudence

Cass, Sunstein, Trimmers

Posts appearing 9/22-9/26/08

Anita Allen, Constitutional Privacy? New Directions for Reproductive Rights in the U.S.

Dawn Johnsen, Why the 2008 Election Matters for Reproductive Rights

John Donohue, Have “Woman-Protective” Studies Resolved the Abortion Debate? Don’t Bet on It

Judith Resnik and Reva Siegel, Health Excepted, Health Accepted: Abortion, Health, and Law

Posts Appearing 9/29-10/4/08

Kristin Luker, The Paradox of Choice

Kim Buchanan, The Abortion Discount: Liberty, Equality and Illicit Sex

Rebecca Cook, Transnational Debates

Joanna Erdmann, An Equality Brief

Robert Goldstein, The general theory and special theory of abortion

Linda Gordon, Six Theses

Post appearing Monday, October 06, 2008

Christine Stansell, The hidden history of the 1960s


I wasn't able to read each essay, but am I wrong that not one of them touched on the subject of same-sex reproduction or genetic engineering of designer children? None of them seemed like they addressed donor conception, either, or artificial wombs or surrogacy.

Same-sex reproduction is the most relevant to today because people are being very adamant that same-sex couples should have "all the rights" of a man and a woman, and so that would seem like they have already decided the question on whether or not to allow same-sex reproduction technology in principle.

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