Monday, May 21, 2007

It Was Only a Matter of Time . . .

Marty Lederman

. . . before ideas spawned here would wind up as derivative works on YouTube: Part I; Part II. (Another version.)

(I should have added in my original post that Sonny obviously is played by FBI Director Robert Mueller. And I suppose Andy Card, not Gonzales, is McCluskey. I had written that the President was Sollazzo. But another blogger reminds me that Solozzo was just doing Barzini's bidding. Barzini is, of course, Dick Cheney.)

Who owns the copyright -- the estate of Mario Puzo, Paramount Pictures . . . or James Comey?


Now that is hilarious.

...'oh, Paulie.....won't see him no more....'


Josh Marshall is running it over at TPM.

Just watched it.

Funny stuff.

Sorry, but a cartoonist, Loyd Dangle beat all of us:

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