Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An Aroused Populace Finally Stands Up to Balkinization!


You knew it was bound to happen.


I wish I would have had my speakers turned down. Every person within 20 feet of my office just inquired to see if I was all right. :)

there is nothing more dangerous than a sick mind with a laptop and too much time on its hands...

Balkinization's cultural relevance is at an all time high!

I blame some underemployed FedSoc member . . . I heard this was part of their hazing process

That's the best damned site I've seen in...well...since "All Your Base Are Us"? How'd you get so hip, Prof.?

I, for one, did not know "it was bound to happen" . . . but I do hope it sets a precedent! Considering the current state of affairs, I'll take any laugh I can get.

Or . . . . hand me a sign!

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